Skipper Wilfried

Wilfried is the owner of the Polaris. He bought it new in '99 and never gave it back.


He knows Croatia and the Mediterranean very well and has already been to the Caribbean.

Skipper René

René is Wilfried's son and has known the Polaris since childhood. He found people wanted to do more with this yacht.

Skipper Philipp

Philipp has been on Polaris for several weeks a year since 2017. Far away from the yacht, he spends his time sailing and regattas on Lake Constance. He is the initiator of the Atlantic crossing project.



Iris is married to Wilfried and is an agent for her own company

"Schäfer Yacht Charter".

She is particularly familiar with the island of Hvar, having made friends there since childhood.



Morten is part of the regular crew and, as a trained gas/water fitter, is also our "technical service" if something doesn't work on our trips.


Tonci ✝

Tonci was Marinero in Maslinica on Solta and a companion of us and the Polaris for many years. Anyone who got to know him will never forget his incomparable style.

Tonci passed away in spring 2020.


When the Polaris left Croatian waters for the first time in nineteen years, Julian was there. Exactly the same for the first visit to Montenegro, Albania and Greece. He is Philipp's twin brother.


Lars' first trip on Polaris was the cross-country trip from Croatia to Greece. In particular, he was an important helping hand during the associated preparation for the season.


Ralf studies architecture and prefers to spend his free time on the water. The logo of the Polaris comes from him. He is a reliable and calm companion who attaches great importance to tight sails.


Thomas likes to sail. He is Morten's father and enriches the cockpit with his mischievous disposition. Even before the first trips on the Polaris, he and his wife Ute had discovered this type of travel for themselves.


After many summer trips, Tober accepted our invitation to transfer the Polaris to Sicily. His technical expertise was particularly helpful during the many preparations for this trip.



On board since the beginning of the Atlantic project. Transfer trips are her thing. Whether Albania, Montenegro, Greece or Spain: Sabrina was always there for long distances.



Together with his son Friedrich he likes to go to Polaris to see "beautiful spots on earth" - to put it in his words. Bernd, a pleasant fellow and structural engineer, is a good friend of René.



At the helm a conscientious and reliable hand. Thanks to talent and a high level of comprehension, Friedrich Polaris sails alone around Stromboli-Island when skipper René prepares dinner in the pantry.


A permanent crew member for many years and friends with skipper René for much longer. She feels at home in Hvar town. For her fifth cruise anniversary there was a table fireworks at the long-established Pizzeria Kogo. Vicky was also part of our summer trip to Corfu.


Christian Winkler & SV "pomalo"

He is the founder of the Peace Fleet "Mirno More" and owner of the SV "pomalo", a Bavaria 46C.

We got to know him during the preparations for our Albania sailing adventure and benefited enormously from his wealth of knowledge in the form of his authored travel guide and endless conversations. Feel free to ask him if there is a vacancy in his bunks

Gastro Milna (Croatia, Brac, Milna)

Kind of a clubhouse. Traditionally, the first evening is served here. The team around Dario and Ivan offered us a great home, especially during our time in Milna. It goes without saying that every dish on the menu can be recommended without reservation. We look forward to returning from our Atlantic project!

Thomas & Patric Sauer

They were our mechanics and "problem solvers" in our former home port of Milna on Brac. Whenever something got stuck on our yacht, you could always rely on them. With their short-term help, one or two trips have already been saved.



Olga, Mitxel & SY "Mekatxis"

Olga and Mitxel are owners of a Dufour Classic 43 and also offer charter trips with their sailing yacht. Many years ago, René became aware of them via the WWW and they became friends. The enthusiasm for this type of boat connects. And the resulting exchange simplifies finding solutions to problems.



Mario is traveling with his family in a Dufour Classic 43 Center-Cockpit. Nessaja got an extensive refit - including a washing machine. You can rely on Mario. When our autopilot control panel gave out, we were promptly sent the well-preserved device from Greece to Italy by express.



Mechanic from Vibo - Marina who extensively supervised the electronic refit of the Polaris. Can also restart refrigerators and install watermakers. Thank you very much! You made our summer in Italy easier.


…and a lot of more! : )