August 07, 2023:


Last week Polaris visited the coastal region around Barcelona. On August 21st we leave Roda de Bara to stay a few more weeks in Mallorca. In mid-September she will be brought to Almerimar by skipper Wilfried and his longtime sailing friends, from where she will set off on her way to the Caribbean via Gran Canaria in October.


June 30, 2023:


Skipper Wilfried and Iris are back in Marina Roda de Bara west of Barcelona. The crossing from Sollér on Mallorca took place at night in calm seas. Polaris will be taking a few weeks off from Tuesday and will be exploring the Spanish coast with a fresh crew in July.


June 14, 2023:


We have been on the Balearic Islands for four weeks now and have already experienced a lot. Skippers Philipp & René have discovered a lot of Palma de Mallorca with their crews. The weather is very changeable. Nevertheless, Palma was "rounded" and the south-western part in particular was extensively explored. Our sister ship, the "Mekatxis" was a regular companion. From Saturday, skipper Wilfried will take over the Polaris for a fortnight and then bring her back to "Roda de Béra", from where she will discover the southern coast of Spain. In our gallery you will find the first impressions from our time in the Balearic Islands.


+++ For those interested in the Caribbean, we would like to point out that we only have a few weeks left due to numerous inquiries. Anyone who discovers the islands of the Caribbean with Polaris should get in touch as soon as possible. : - ) +++


May 22, 2023:


In the last week the new storm sail was attached. We have decided on a cutter stay made of Dynema line which is attached with a Pelikan tensioner. The red sail is doing well.

Already on May 16th we drove from "Roda de Bara" to Palma de Mallorca. Thanks to good wind, peaking at 25 kn, we were anchored in Arenal on May 17th and enjoyed our time.


The new Lifepo4 battery system is currently being extensively tested. So far we like the good and meets our expectations. The weather is changeable at the moment, but thanks to solar and wind power, the batteries don't seem to want to run out. We will report in detail about our new battery system. Spoilers: It doesn't wear a lion as a crest.


Polaris is currently on the road with Philipp and crew around Palma. Yesterday they met our sister ship, SV Mekatxis - she is also a Dufour Classic 43. We have been friends with the owners Olga and Mixel for several years.


May 10, 2023:


Polaris has a new rig including furler, new antifouling and is polished in the Marina "Roda de Béra" near Barcelona. A new storm sail has been ordered and will be attached by Philipp at the weekend. The mast was adjusted accordingly. Lars & René have already installed new battery technology. 560AH - Lifepo4 arrived on Polaris. Wilfried has exchanged all the upholstery on all mattresses. As well as fittings in the bathrooms. And and and ...